Hi Bob and Matt,

We have had many conversations through the years as well as exchanging opinions on different matters.

Today, I am writing you to ask why FLORIDA TODAY, aka you, chose to cover up the cover up ? You have made conscience decisions not to cover developments about the murders of the 4 Americans in Benghazi; this, in light of all the very recent information concerning emails, drone video and testimony.

The NY TIMES, CNN and other of the liberal media also covered it up, so at least you all are in like company. I have said to the 2 of you on more than one occasion, “print ALL the facts and let us decide”. You wonder where your readership si drastically declining.; blaming electronic media for the decline. In part, you are correct; but not for the reason you state, (while whistling in the dark). The plain fact for the decline is that so many citizens now realize that we cannot depend on Florida Today and other liberal media to give us the full story. Your publication and the other liberal media will purposefully leave out information or stories in order to have the reader react emotionally, thereby bending the reader to your agenda. You are free to promote the opinion and the agenda that you represent ; but your opinion and agenda belongs on the editorial page and not within the stories. You have purposefully decided not to cover the FACTS because of your slavish devotion to protecting Obama and his socialistic agenda, just like the NY TIMES,WASHINGTON POST CNN,CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NPR, etc.

I for one, as an AMERICAN,  as a HUSBAND, as a PARENT, as a US MARINE, I am furious with Obama and his administration for the damage inflicted on the United States; but equally so with you all, for not having the integrity to publish the truth for ALL to see.  Sadly, the very ones that are to protect the American people with the truth, are today, fundamental threats to the republic and thereby the enemy of the American people.

Semper Fi
..a citizen….not a subject.