Dear liberal media, a.k.a. Bob, Matt, Mr. Neuhearth, the rest of the editorial staff, USA TODAY, etc, etc,

I read Matt Reed’s PHONEY CONSPIRACY  editorial of November 1. He tell us how, on Oct. 25,  he watched FOX NEWS morning show “whip up the conspiracy theory with its analysis”, and in the same breath stated,” that Fox  has done some excellent watchdog reporting of the story”. So Matt, which is it;  are they credible or not? My personal experience is that they are very credible. Quite the opposite of any information that comes from the AP(Administration Propaganda) service or the stenographers at FLORIDA TODAY, etc.

How do I know this? Well, I used to be what Matt and those at FLORIDA TODAY say they are not; a liberal. I, at one time was  guy that figured that what was on TV and in the newspaper was the truth. It never occurred to me that the news presented would be distorted, misqupoted, ommitted or they would just plain lie. And why would the liberal media do such a thing?  In order to get me to act and think a certain way about their agenda. It is just that simple. By the way, I had a very personal experience that brought me to this reality when I was living in the Atlanta area. That is for another piece in the future.

The  AP/USA TODAY story that was in FLORIDA TODAY the same day as your editorial was lacking in substance and in fact. It must be tough to be a stenographer and having to print only that which you are TOLD to print.The article basically said;“..move along, move along…noithing to see here”.

How about you do an open invitation for the citizens of Brevard to search the facts behind the cover-up of Bengahzi, with the attendant references and then have FLORIDA TODAY print that? This would actually be classified as FLORIDA TODAY committing a random act of journalism.  Of course, that might hurt your chances of making it to the “Big Time” at USA TODAY in Washington, DC.

As far as your Google search, mentioning  the word Bengahzi does not constitute bringing light to all the facts. Take for example, the above AP/USA TODAY article. As I previously stated, this is all being done… for the cheap prospect of getting this president re-elected.

Below, I am referencing an article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal that addresses among other things the Benghazi disaster, as well as an on air interview with the retired LT Col. who was for 15 years, the  SPECIAL FORCES OPERATIONS PLANNER, and had in depth experience in N. Africa. He describes in detail  THE FACTS ABOUT WHAT PROTOCOL DEMANDS IN THE WHITE HOUSE in such situations such as Bengahzi.


…In Freedom..



“our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

Thomas Jefferson to Dr. James Currie, January 28, 1786
Subject: Benghazi blunder: Obama unworthy commander-in-chief – Opinion –



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LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL article excoriating Obama’s handling of Benghazi
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