Dear liberal media, a.k.a. Bob, Matt, Mr. Neuhearth, the rest of the editorial staff, USA TODAY, etc, etc,


I have thought a lot about what has occured in the course of the relatively short time that I have been “paying attention” to what is happening and what growing up in America meant to a guy born in 1947. What it meant then, and in a lot of my circles today, still means; doing the next right thing”.

My father  was a Kennedy Democrat and by extension so was I early on.  I still have a signed note to my dad from then Senator Kennedy who had announced his intention to run for the Democrat nomination. Dad loved Kennedy because of his stance on tax reduction and staring down the Russians in Cuba, but was distraught because of Kennedy’s executive order allowing Federal workers to become unionized. That order, in effect, allowed the unions to bargin/strike against the very people that provided all the funds…the US citizen, and who at the same time, was without true representation at the table. This is when the teachers came under the influence of the unions with all the attendant present day results.


When I was in school, we did the pledge and actually sang the star spangled banner, and with pride and love , said we were Americans. We were taught that America was something new under the stars; an experiment, inspired by God,  that would eventually attract millions to our shores. A place, a society, where class distinctions or who you were born to did not matter. Where  people would be free to make decisions and to judged on their qualities alone. There existed, of course, the contradiction of  slavery and women’s rights;  but so abhorrent did these bigotries demonstrate, that they were to be resolved;  in the case of slavery, by the bloodiest and costliest war our country has ever known.


But you know what? America is still the best place on earth to live your dream if you are willing to work hard and obey the laws.  If you fail, you have the freedom to pick yourself up and go at it again. Everything flows from Economic Freedom. Our system has lifted more people out of poverty than anyone or any place in history. So tell me, where is there a better place…give me an alternative? Yet, one side continues to hammer America as evil and side with the likes of the UN.


Of course, with the recent election, it seems that there are a lot of people are expecting “Santa” to take care of them by redistributing wealth, by force, to them. What a crime and how dehumanizing that is! The human spirit is fed by self evident accomplishment, and what accomplishment is there to being given that which you do not earn. And what accomplishment is there in being dictated to about behaviors you must exhibit, and the attendant freedoms that you will relinquish in order to keep receiving the “free” stuff. ECONOMIC FREEDOM is the flame of liberty, which provides the all important,  life giving self determination.

But we will see. Remember; half of America voted against President Obama and his Socialist agenda that was spoon feed to him by Frank Davis Marshall and the likes in the educational system, as outlined in Mr. Obama’s book.

Myself and millions of others will continue to hold those in power accountable…such as the FLORIDA TODAY. Because of a Democrat president being in office, they have chosen to completely disregard  THE MURDERS OF 4 AMERICAS IN BENGAHZI…CONTINUING THE COVER-UP OF THE COVER-UP.


….a Citizen..not a subject..

.. The very ones that are supposed to protect the American people with the truth, are today fundamental threats to the republic and have become the enemy of the American people….