I have to admit that I was pretty bummed by the outcome of the “compromise” by our RINO that took place yesterday; it seems that some women in the republican ranks have bigger testicles that the RINOS.  Perhaps, as i believe, the real reason is the  ruling class, both Democrats  and Republican are helping each other is to maintain power by putting the screws to the “common folk”. I had guarded hopes of conservatism coming out on top. But it was not our time, yet. The numbers are on our side and the message and the reality,(in spite of a lying  and pandering press and the spineless or lying and pandering politicians) is getting out there.

I was really looking forward to perhaps having a real budget proposed by Congress. Now the Democrats are once again allowed to keep “under cover” the exact cost of the Obama administration and its effort to bankrupt our country. there is no such animal as “a spending cut down the road”. The ruling class Republicans say they do this so they can make changes in the future after winning in 14 and 16. That is total BS! Just like Rubio has lied to us to get elected and then flipped, most of them could give a crap about what is best for the country; it is all about them getting elected so they can keep their personal power and the money that comes with that office. They wine, but do not act.

The US’ obligations for each month to “pay our bills”, which in reality is paying the interest, ranges from about  $13 Billion to $96 Billion. The US takes in via taxes alone, in the neighborhood of ~ 210-250 Billion per month. So, as you can see, there is plenty of money to pay our responsibilities and not have the world come to an end; i.e. if we went to “default”. We need a real budget, or shut the government down past the “end point”, so that when Americans wake up the next day and see the lights are still on, it would be startling proof that the media, Obama and those Democrats and Republicans are lying. But that is another article.

According to ,


Interest Expense Fiscal Year 2013

September $19,843,542,012.01
August $25,487,831,947.93
July $25,076,777,459.95
June $93,031,790,187.97
May $24,378,480,861.09
April $35,951,751,963.63
March $23,472,400,737.30
February $16,901,310,565.17
January $17,816,590,831.57
December $95,736,594,801.52
November $25,068,968,472.99
October $12,922,741,407.27

Fiscal Year Total


I guess the most frustrating thing for me, is almost daily, Obama, in one form or another, is breaking the law; attacking the Constitution  and yet, not one member of Congress is calling him on it. Absolutely none! And by calling him on it, I do not mean having dog and pony committee hearings. Impeach the man! The conclusion; there is no one in Washington who has the guts to charge him; or again, as I believe, they would rather maintain some of their own personal power, rather than risk losing it, all at our expense.

The one thing that is very clear is that we all are in a fight for the life of this country, as founded, for ourselves, our families and those around us. Those of us  wanting to return to a limited government and personal freedom and responsibility as hallmarks of our country are growing exponentially, along with the frustration and anger as well.  And that gives me optimism for the future.

One last thing…God is always in times without evidence. That is where faith comes in.


MEDIASadly, the very ones that are to protect the American people with the truth, are today, fundamental threats to the republic and thereby the enemy of the American people”.