Hi Matt,

In your January 24th Florida Today article, How Florida gave schools Common Core, you paint myself, other parents and citizens as making the Common Core issue, “.. a highly dramatized story — much of it fiction.” In your article you present information that is questionable. Would you please give me the list of the Brevard County teachers, aka “educators” that wrote the Common Core Standards?

Your Progressive/Liberal self showed itself when you stated that  we concerned and informed constitutionalists, independents and conservatives feel, “Common Core” harkens to black helicopters and a New World Order ” and that “There’s a big fear on the right about this massive government overreach,”.

What “Overreach”? What “New World Order?  You mean the IRS making political targets out of private citizens to alter elections and still doing so as of today? Perhaps you mean when  Comrade Obama waves his hand and changes requirements of Obamacare without going trough Congress; do you mean when  Comrade Obama makes “recess appointments” without recess; do you mean when  Comrade Obama sends the FCC into news rooms (except print media like Florida Today, as they are already his Socialist allies), to dictate what propaganda, uh news, will be fed to us citizens. Is this what you mean by “government overreach”. Could the “government overreach” be the threat of withholding a broadcast license or some other coercion to intimidate the owners of station(s) into broadcasting what the Comrade wants. So much for the First Amendment.

While I am on a roll, I will share my thoughts on a different point; Obamacare as an example of your “Cracker Jack” reporting…er stenographer skills..  Since its start , you have been a strong proponent of Obamacare, singing it’s praises left and right. While doing so, you totally ignored the truth that was freely available to you, an “investigative reporter”. The very same truth we common everyday citizens found and  used.   Man…were you ever  wrong..on all fronts!

We, the “hysterical ones”, kept trying for years to get through to you, but to no avail. It was like you had an agenda! Our pleas were ignored by you as you continued to be the stenographer instead of the investigative reporter.  Let’s see exactly how wrong you have been. Using Obamacare as just  one of many illustrations of your prowess in “truth based” reporting. Here are but a few of the examples from Obamacare of your reporting:

Obamacare is in the process of dismantling the best healthcare system in the world for 15% of the population; in 20 years the GAO says that the same amount will be uncovered. You reported the opposite.

Obamacare covers fewer people with fewer services. You reported the opposite.

Obamacare does not allow us keep our plans. You reported the opposite.

Obamacare does not allow us keep our doctors. You reported the opposite.

Obamacare does not save the average family $2500/year. You reported the opposite.

Obamacare is dramatically more expensive. You reported the opposite.

Obamacare has special carve outs by Mr. Obama for Congress because they “can’t afford it”. You reported the opposite,..see above.

Obamacare is destroying the best healthcare system in the world. You reported the opposite...see all of the above.

We were aware of the truth years before the vote, yet, you, an “investigative reporter”, could not do your job as well as the private citizen who is not in your profession.

With your track record in just this one area…you have demonstrated your lack of creditability?

While myself and the majority of the American people now see Mr. Obama for what he is; the enemy of freedom and the American people, we now also see anyone, any news service or organization, that supports his tyrannical and unconstitutional behavior by withholding the truth, as our enemy as well.  No good comes from deceit and it is deceitful not to share the truth.  We make decisions that profoundly effect our families, their lives and futures based on the truth. Plain and simple; deceitful reporting causes harm by not providing the full truth, so that we are unable to make the best informed decisions. Most of my Conservative, Libertarian, and Constitutionalists brothers and sisters  discovered the media scam and ferret the truth out, but there are still the ones that believe what is in the papers and on TV is the whole truth. It is those that we fight to bring to the reality of dishonest journalism and shine the light on truth.  Sadly, the very ones that are to protect the American people with the truth, are today, fundamental threats to the republic and thereby my enemy and the enemy of the American people.

How about you and I get together on Bill Mick’s show(if he is able) and debate exactly what Common Core is and is not? Are you up for that? I sure am. I will have to miss work as I only earn while actually at the operating table, but it is a small price to bring light to the truth. By the way;  PolitiFact Florida is about as nonpartisan as Florida Today, USA Today and the NY Times and Jeb Bush is absolutely not a conservative!

C. Hamilton Boone

The philosophy of the classroom for one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.

Abe Lincoln

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.

Winston Churchill