THAD ALTMAN-just like a liberal.

I am sitting here with a great piece of propaganda that would make any “regime” proud; rightly so, as I am sure that the rest of our fine state delegation from Brevard are. It concerns our good buddy; the man who is always looking out for the little guy, none other than Thad “The Impaler” Altman; aka Senator Altman, giving us a “tax break”. Man, what a big heart he has. I must say that this mailing is also one of the best pieces of comedy I have read in a long time!

He is the same guy that saddled us and our children’s children with yet another train, (we already subsidize 3)…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that voted for the budget a few sessions ago that increased ALL taxes…aka fees…just like a liberal!

He is the same guy that “gave” us a pittance of our money back in the form of tax breaks. In the first place, it is absurd of him to think that giving US OUR MONEY BACK, is something that we are excited about, when it was our money to begin with….just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that supported the pro-Common Core comrades Jeb/Gates along the RINO line by changing the Common Core Standards name to “Florida Standards”  and as well as removing reference to Common Core…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy, using the Jeb/Gates talking points of “we took 18K suggestions” and now they are the Florida Standards” and they got rid of Common Core Standards. But wait; they changed <1% of the standards, so still have Common Core Standards...just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that thinks we lowly servants here in Brevard County are too stupid to read and figure out “Lipstick on a pig…is still a pig”…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy  that threatened to sue us,(aka State of Florida), for turning down federal funding for a high-speed rail project in Central Florida…just like a liberal.

What a great guy…but wait, it gets better…

He is the same guy that opposed Scott’s proposal to make union members contribute to the Florida Retirement System. Can you imagine that; having to put money into their own retirement fund…just like a liberal. That’s what we do…but not him or his union buddies.

He is the same guy that received large donations from car rental companies and viola, a vehicle registration tax reduction. It is so fortunate that the needs of large donor’s interests aligned with us little people…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that has continued to ignore the people and do what profits him and his professional family the best, while leaving us “to pay the price”...just like a liberal.

His actions speak volumes.
If you see him out and about, and disgorging his deceiving message, I challenge you to call him out. Show him for what he really is.

“Slime-soft, and slippery substance, typically regarded as repulsive”.-Webster’s Dictionary



“In my years, I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.” THOMAS JEFFERSON