Dear Mr. Crisafulli,


I understand that you are looking for re-election campaign help. You have purported being a Conservative, and in the past, even though you are not my Representative, but on your word, I spoke in your favor at different citizen’s meetings throughout Brevard county. My wife and I are parents of a 15-year-old high school student.I have researched Common Core since first learning of it and the Trojan Horse know as RACE TO THE TOP in 2008. While trying to find your number to arrange a meeting with you, I accidentally called your business office and spoke with your mom. Of course she was very proud of you and remarked that, “you would always do the right thing“.

In Sept 2013, because you were unavailable, I met with your Legislative Assistant Ashley. At that meeting I provided her with very concise, short and specific documented information about Common Core. It contained brief but detailed information from various experts in the fields of educational, Content, Testing, recommendations of members the Validation Committee and other sources.

I have judged your legislative performance by your actions. I have listed my findings below.

Mr. Crisafulli, you chose not to support Rep Mayfield’s HB25, which would have paused Common Core and  allowed a thorough analyse of the psychological and educational impact on our children as well as all associated costs.

Mr. Crisafulli, you supported  changing the Common Core Standards’ name to the Florida Standards, In an effort to fool us, you then said the Florida Standards were new and developed by Florida! Very dishonest on your part when in actuality, less than 1 % of the Common Core standards were “changed”. We still have all of Common Core Standards.     In plain language… if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig!

Mr. Crisafulli, you became the co-chair of the March 13th fund-raiser for Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future, which is a big part of the “one size fits all” machine that is, along with Bill Gates and President Obama, attempting to cram the unconstitutional Common Core down our throats. A clear conflict of interest and against the very citizens you represent!

Mr. Crisafulli, you ushered the vote through to remove any mention of Common Core from legislation.

Mr. Crisafulli, you accepted the 411 Data Mining points contained in Common Core, which actually is the desecration of  the children and family’s privacy. You did so while being fully aware that FERPA, (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act”) , was  amended by the Obama Administration. That rendered the requirement of parental permission prior to the government sharing their child’s data, completely useless.

Mr. Crisafulli, you have removed parents’ God given, constitutional right to personally guide their child’s education.

Mr. Crisaifulli, you have demonstrated a true disdain for Florida citizens’ opinions, and intelligence, thinking we could not see through this sham of a shell game you are running in Tallahassee; but which is very telling on your part.

Mr. Crisafulli, you chose to ignore us and instead concentrated on solidify your power in Tallahassee at our expense.

Mr. Crisafulli, you have become drunk on the elixir of power, showing a lack of moral leadership on behalf of the citizens of Florida; all for greed and influence.

Mr. Crisafulli, while consolidating that power, you shepherded this unconstitutional, Federal intrusion into education and our lives, while ignoring our wishes and what is best for our children.

Mr. Crisifulli, you have sided with  Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, Arne Duncan and Barack Obama against the people of Florida.


Your actions didn’t match your words; You ignored us and didn’t do the right thing about Common Core.


*Slime”-soft, and slippery substance, typically regarded as repulsive.-Webster’s Dictionary 

The philosophy of the classroom for one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.

Abe Lincoln