PICK’N PEOPLE..a.k.a., Sorting Through The 2014 Primaries

Today, I can say that some issues are very important to me. Common Core is at the top of that list, for the future of our country depends on education, which for so long has been in the wrong hands as it was stealthily changed before our eyes.

In Mien Kampf, Hitler wrote, “if you have the children, you have the future”. So I use this issue, and others to a lesser degree, to measure candidates, especially those that are not forthright.


When it comes to judges, like many, I vote out of total ignorance and just guess when voting. So much information is hidden..or so it seems. What I have done to find qualifications for this group, to the best of my ability is ;a) find true party affiliation, b) determine whom or what party they support.It’s the old adage of, “If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”.


Paul Chinaris-Right off the bat, he unequivocally stood on 2 issues that are critical; No to Common Core and no to the½ cent tax hike the school board is looking for.

I sent an email to Misty Belford to see exactly what she stood on Common Core ;( she says she is against CC, but I wondered with such a big issue, why she didn’t say so), but she was for the ½ cent tax hike.


John Craig-I liked Mr. Craig’s experience, being a non-politician and when asked about Common Core, he emailed me the following: I do not like or support Common Core/Florida State Standards – whatever it is called this week.  We in Brevard need to continue to push back and eventually repeal it.  I think the School Board needs to be a leader in offering solutions to problems.  This is a perfect example.” A statement on his website: My concern is that the state has built the testing model before outlining the actual curriculum process and doing due diligence on the product and the state has not provided the appropriate funding for implementation at the local level. I believe it is imperative that BPS creates a tiger team made up of teachers, administrators and parents that examines Florida Standards and reports how it affects learning in Brevard and recommendations for adjustment or elimination of its pieces. We can then work with our legislative delegation to push for the desired reform.”

Rob Mentillo-NOPE.  Florida Today quoted Mr. Mentillo ; “Mentillo has a no-nonsense understanding of the Florida Standards, meant to better prepare students for modern jobs and colleges. The state-produced standards give local educators flexibility to write their own lesson plans and choose material to achieve them. Our district should be capable of leading Florida with solutions that fit Brevard, Mentillo said.” Obviously, Mr. Mentillo is not well versed to the unconstitutional, federally mandated Common Core, nor the damage it will inflict on our students, teachers, and society as a whole. In an email to me, he said; “We are one of the best school systems in the country and have been for many years.” If that is true, then why are we changing to Common Core? We known not the cost, the quality of curriculum, the effect of 411 Data Mining points, nor the psychological impact on our children?   The state-produced standards” demonstrates his lack of understanding. The Florida State Standards represent a name change only!  They think we are just too darn dumb to figure out that with the name change, it’s still Common Core Standards. (98%). You can put lipstick on a pig; but it’s still a pig! I As a math teacher, he should be familiar with the testimonies of Dr.James Milgram, the only math content expert on the Validation committee , a committee handpicked by the creators of Common Core to determine the standards for math. Mr. Mentillo believes that “Brevard County needs to work on being a leader in curriculum”. That’s an impossibility; Standards drive Curriculum, and Curriculum drive Tests!   There is only perceived flexibility! A math teacher for a long time and not knowing the details of Common Core is a big no go for me.


Andy ZieglerAndy asked for information on Common Core, which is a good thing. He has taken a stand against Common Core, all be it, a weak one. I have met with Andy and given him precise, documented information as to what Common Core is and is not. I feel that he needed to take a stronger public stance against Common Core, such as what School Board member, Amy Knessey has done. For instance in his statement on Common Core he fails to acknowledge that this is an unconstitutional intrusion by the federal government, that it was not developed by parents, teachers and school boards and that we, as parents, lose the God given right to direct our children’s education.


One final note; I do not think that the BCSB has in any fashion, adequately addressed the History Textbook issue.


I vote for the other guy!

I cannot vote for Sullivan, for he was a commissioner when a 35 year deal with Gulftainer (Arab Emirates) was inked. I do recall hearing much at all about this “great deal”. If it was so fantastic for all of us, why was it not celebrated from the roof tops?  How does the port authority vote to have a known supporter of terrorism become an important part of the port considering the close proximity of the Trident subs as well as the heavy launch facilities at the Cape for the next 35 years?


The Other Guy

I had the, mmm, the “pleasure” of meeting Mr. Tom Goodson at the Cattlemen’s Association Annual meeting. This guy is a real piece of work. He can lie with the best of them, including telling everyone the usual party line about Common Core. All untrue. I also hear he likes to play games with his residency as well. He is a very slippery guy that I would’t entrust the job of dog catcher to for it would be an injustice to the dogs. I don’t know the other guy at all, but I saw what this guy pulls in a very short period of time…I’m voting for the other guy.


Tim Street-Great guy and a patriot. The right man at the right time. He is a strong Conservative, family man and small business owner. He has rock solid principles that will survive Tallahassee. Oh yea; he is a United States Marine. He has never been a politician which is big in my book.

 It took me 90 days to the day, to finally meet with Mr. Tobia. I gave him referenced information about Common Core. What did he do with it?  He supported Common Core and the Republican establishment by not supporting a “Pause” bill that would allowed  a) an accurate cost estimate, b) understand the psychological impact on children, c) understand the details of the curriculum. He waited till he was absolutely sure the bill would never be voted on. Then and only then did he sign on to the Pause bill. Great courage  and integrity for a guy that wants to be in administrative leadership in education!


Monique Miller-The right lady for the right time. Monique is a very intelligent, conservative that will stand for the truth. She has studied the issues and understands them fully. She has an impeccable resume. Even though she is underfunded compared to Mr. Altman, she is formidable and has him worried. Just look at the sheer volume of his false, mudslinging mailings.

I supported Thad when he first ran by walking door to door, placing yard signs and donating personally and having the Fl. Academy of Physician Assistants donate as well. He has been and continues to be a great disappointment to me. I was fooled! Today, he has proven himself  to be insincere, dishonest and self-centered.

Thad Altman is not an Republican.

He is the same guy that saddled us and our children’s children with yet another train, (we already subsidize 3)…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that voted for the budget a few sessions ago that increased ALL taxes…aka fees…just like a liberal!

He is the same guy that “gave” us some of our money back in the form of “tax breaks”. He thought enough of himself, to use this absurdity of giving a minuscule amount OUR MONEY BACK in his campaign mailers , ….just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that supported the pro-Common Core comrades Jeb/Gates along the RINO line by voting to change the Common Core Standards name to “Florida Standards”  and as well as removing reference to Common Core language…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy, using the Jeb/Gates talking points of “we took 18K suggestions” and now they are the Florida Standards and we got rid of Common Core Standards”. But wait; they changed <1% of the standards, so still have Common Core Standards…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that thinks we lowly servants here in Brevard County are too stupid to read and figure out “Lipstick on a pig…is still a pig”…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that threatened to sue us,(aka State of Florida), for turning down federal funding for a high-speed rail project in Central Florida…just like a liberal.

What a great guy…but wait, it gets better…

He is the same guy that opposed Scott’s proposal to make union members contribute 3% to the Florida Retirement System. Can you imagine that; having to put money into your own retirement fund…just like a liberal.

He is the same guy that received large donations from car rental companies and viola, a targeted vehicle registration tax reduction. It is so fortunate that the needs of large donor’s interests sometime aligned with us little people…just like a liberal.


George Paulk-I have had the opportunity to speak with different individuals that have worked with him, and to a man, they say he will make an excellent judge.


MITCH KRAUSE-I like his breath and volume of experience and the fact that he was a law clerk for Ronald Reagan.

John Moser- I met Mr Moser and was able to spend time with him and asked many very probing questions.A vast amount of court room experience in a multitude of areas, He is a retired US Army officer and was chosen to oversee the infamous 2000 “count” In Palm Beach.

CIRCUIT JUDGE GROUP 14-I have a little more of an explanation for this race that I want to share with you…

Brooke Deratany Goldfarb-I chose Ms Goldfrab because I know her to be a long Republican. The court room will have many different types of cases, and Ms Goldfard is shoulders above her competitor with experience in a multitude of areas..More importantly, and after my research, she was whom she said she was.

Not so with Ms. Lemonidis who is running as an Independent.

 ..courtesy of..  http://www.campaignmoney.com


1-08/11/2004-Democrat and donated to the DNC

2-01/10/2008-Democrat and donated to Obama For America

3-03/15/2008-Democrat and donated to Democrat Senatorial Campaign

4-05/10/2012-Democrat and donated to David Gunter For Congress(Ca. Democrat race)

5-08/27/2012-Democrat and donated to Obama Victory Fund

6-10/15/2013-Democrat and donated to Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee

7-12/06/2013-Changed affiliation to Independent

8-12/09/2014-Registers as an Independent candidate with the State Election Bureau

Ms. Lemonidis has been questioned directly about her support for Obama, with her attributing the support to her daughter only. I do not want another ACTIVIST JUDGE which is the purview of the Democrat party, which  Ms Lemonidis has show she has the capacity to do so. She also hired a company with a snappy name Conservative Campaign Solutions,  to run her campaign and added another veneer to her charade.

It comes down to this; earlier I used the adage “If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”. I could understand voting for Obama in 2008 and being fooled by his lies and expert teleprompter ability , but as her money and party affiliation demonstrates, she is a Democrat all the way, and in the worst way. She and her money is supporting the destruction of America through the machinery of the Democrat Party and this out of control administration. I see President Obama as an enemy of our freedom who is trampling on our constitution. I will never support anyone that supports this out of control, Socialist administration. Additionally, knowing that she supports President Obama, the serial liar,as well as the machinery behind what is causing great damage to Lady Liberty, and the US Constitution, is very telling to me. You can add blatant deception to the list as well.


Judge Garagozlo-Respected by those that appear in his court room. Endorsed by Sheriff Ivey which is a plus for me.

Curt Smith The right man for the right time.I have had the pleasure of knowing Curt for the last 11 years. I have watched him being very involved, behind the scenes, in charity work on multiple fronts. He is a man of strong principles and a solid faith. He has real world buisness experience, seeling his Maaco business debt free after 27 years. He will be another true conservative voice on the commission, where presently there is only one.

Michael Hartman-The right man for the right time. Great experience and the only real Republican in the field. His philosophy is pure conservative.

Jim Barfield, a “good ol boy” is Shepard by none other than ““give me $50k a year for 10 years for my favorite Charity and I will vote for you“,  Commissioner Robin Fisher. Mr. Fisher is nothing but bad news. He and his group have been slinging mud, without success. Another note; Mr. Barfield’s campaign is being run by none other than the same one Ms Lemonidis uses, Conservative Campaign  Solutions.


“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting what to have for lunch. Liverty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”

Ben Franklin