Well the 2014 primaries are done and we are already preparing  for November. I wanted to wait till after the primaries to write about something that I have learned….again. What have I learned again? In a nutshell, don’t be lazy when voting; know your information!

If you read my short essay on being a “Recovering Liberal”, you will note that in the very early 90s, that I had an epiphany of sorts, in that, I was awakened to the fact that most of the information “fed” to the public, especially back then, was done to emotionally manipulate them to reach the media’s desired end.

For too long, I had depended on what I read in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, or saw on the local/national news as gospel. Man was I ever off on that one.


Well, with the recent primaries, I caught myself initially judging candidates, not by my research or what the medica said, but by who the campaign manager was. Why did I do that; because ever since Rob Feltner and www.conservativecampaignsolutions.com had come on my radar, he had helped Conservative candidates win. In fact this past primary, Curt Smith, who is a Conservative, had Rob manage his campaign and as we all know, Curt won big. But at the same time, Rob was managing Jim Barfield’s campaign and Robin Lemonidis Esq. campaign; both of whom won. So, I initially used “association” to pick candidates he was representing.

Well, from what I researched and documented is this past primary: Jim Barfield is no conservative and is in the hip pocket of  Commissioner Robin Fischer,(“give me 50K/yr for 10 years for my “favorite charity” and you have my vote), and Robin Lemonidis is ABSOLUTELY a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is a life long Liberal, Progressive Democrat, who purposefully deceived the public, ( see my last post about the 2014 primaries).

Remember, this is not about Rob; this is all about me and my repeat lesson. Rob works, like all of us, to provide for his family , and his job is to be hired to win campaigns. His record speaks for itself. I am saying that I was wrong because I relinquished (temporarily), the job I should always do…and that is to dig as deep as I can to find out the truth and then use that to determine who gets my vote.

The very worst thing about a political joke…is that they can be elected!