I am sure you are aware of the LGBT issue here in Brevard County schools. I prefer to call them He-she-it!

Below is the email I received when I asked Andy Zeigler, Chairman for the Brevard County School Board this simple question; “Are you in favor of changes to the Discrimination policy that addresses one group of individuals?”

Mr Zeigler did not disappoint. He double talked showing him to be a man of less that stellar moral conviction. I wanted to share his convoluted answer with you. Once again the threat of less money from the state or Feds, puts our children as risk with  Mr Zeigler and his comrades more worried about their jobs and money than our kids.

From Andy Zeigler-

Based on your question my answer would be that I am not in favor changes to a discrimination policy that addresses on group of individuals. However I don’t think that is your question as our discrimination policy refers to multiple groups. If you are referring to the proposed language changes, yes, I am in favor of the change. Not because it solves any internal issues, but because internal legal counsel, external legal counsel and our national policy consultant NEOLA recommends the changes to minimize legal exposure. Since both sides of the issue are crying lawsuits, I will heed the alignment of 3 legal opinions.


Andy Ziegler – Chairman

Brevard County School Board of Commissioners

District 5

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Viera, FL  32940



Very disappointing!


Spoken like a true politician! Good ol’ double speak.


General Policy Statement: your draft specifically says sex, yet, your policy also further breaks the category of sex, into sub-groups, sexual orientation and gender identity. I did not see the different races, colors ethnicity, national origin or religions being broken down into different groups. Why not? So your assertion;,“I am not in favor changes to a discrimination policy that addresses one group of individuals”. Hogwash!


Sex-Based Discrimination: your policy specifically says;.”Sex discrimination also can involve treating someone less favorable because of his or her connection with an organization  or group that is generally associated with people of a certain sex.Discrimination against an individual because of gender identity, including transgender status, or because of a individuals sexual orientation is discrimination. So, once again your assertion;,..“I am not in favor changes to a discrimination policy that addresses one group of individuals”. Hogwash!

Why not use, because of an individuals sexual orientation is discrimination”!, without braking into groups? Covers all individuals. Problem solved!After all, this is about sex, right?


It seems perhaps you need new counsel. If memory serves me right, most attorneys are liberals, and thus the leaning left for the special group. By the way, no school district has ever lost a suit concerning the He-she-it controversy. The cowardly school districts caved to the pressure. There is no legal authority mandating addition of these improper categories to District policy. Does the School Board have the legal authority to add “gender identity” as a protected class?

In March 2015, a federal judge in Johnson v.Univ of Pittsburg found..” that a policy of requiring students to use sex-segregated bathroom and locker room facilities based on the student’s natal or birth sex, rather that their gender identity. does not violate Title IX prohibition of sex discrimination.


Looks like we have another cowardly school board here in Brevard. Looks like we need new school board members.


Please know that myself and my wife and hundreds of other parents will fight you and the other 2 misguided school board members with everything that we have.


Hamilton Boone


Remove one freedom per generation and soon you will have no freedom and no one would have noticed.”


Karl Marx