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The screen shots that I have included at the bottom of this post are from Ms. Addo’s original website for school board(see top of pages), but because, as she says, is “honest” and “authentic”(wink wink), it in no way resembles the website that is up now. Please, after reviewing what is below, take a look at her present website. So much for being honest” and “authentic

 So I thought it appropriate to send this out in hope of letting everyone know that Ms Addo most definitely is not who or what she claims.

 You will note that on one of her pages time stamped 10:13, at the bottom, is the proudly displayed emblem of the…



So you might ask, what is the PCCC? It is an arm of the’s main duty is to provide campaign training for aspiring progressives; aka, LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS. Ms Addo proudly announces that she is attending the National Canidae Training  sponsored by thePCCC.

The PROGRESSIVE CHANGE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE/BOLDPROGRESSIVES.ORG, have a well know “Indian” in their ranks..none other than Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren. Aka, “Pocahontas”. Yes, this blond haired, blue eyed person was designated by Harvard as ..“the first woman of color hired by Harvard University”. 

 By way of another email, I will distribute the The Opt Out Florida Network Candidate Survey.

Ms Addo is the is a member of the United Opt Out organization, and is administrator of the Brevard chapter. Of great interest, on February 26, 2016, the UOO, had as their keynote speaker, none other than the good buddy of Barrack Obama and renowned cop killer…Mr Bill Ayers. Hmmm…lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

I have just touched the fringes, so I encourage each of you to learn who Ms Addo is and who she is not. I apologize if the screen shots are not in order.


The philosophy of the classroom for one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.

Abe Lincoln


Tim Wise, urban schools, big problems: Where do we start?

“A dinnertime conversation with my husband last night prompted me to spend some time reading up on Tim Wise. I ending up spending several hours sifting through his blog ( and putting his newest book “Between Barack and a Hard Place: Racism and White Denial in the Age of Obama” in my cart. (Disclaimer: It should, perhaps, be noted that my husband and I are both what most people would characterize as “bleeding heart liberals.”) The very interesting article that my husband was telling me about brought me to the archives of at least one hundred others, along with videos, and a whole host of thought provoking material that had me really thinking about the idea of White privilege. While I would never argue the existence of White privilege, all these hours of mulling over these articles, videos, and the texts for class made me question how we can begin to address the problems of urban schools until this much larger issue of institutionalized racism is first tackled.

I find Tim Wise to be very engaging. If you have hours to spend (tee hee) surfing You Tube, take a look at some of his speaking engagements; if not, this clip is really good:”

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