Yesterday, my blog provided information that I had culled from Ms Addo’s earlier website, which bears no resemblance to her current website today,( http://www.darceyaddo.com). Her website today makes no reference to her being a proud Bold Progressive or any of the associated trappings; (see THE REAL DARCEY ADDO!),which leads me to believe that Ms Addo has attempted to purposefully mislead the voter about who and what she is.

I am a comservative and have no compunction in stating so; but Ms Addo is a Liberal, aka Progressive and has a real problem with openly stating so.

In a recent Fakebook post, Ms Addo tries to make the point to Jessica that it is tough when you don’t have a political affiliation, to raise money.  It sure seems like she does have a political affiliation; especially when you consider the company she keeps and extolls! Among many other Democrats, HilLIARy Clinton is proudly a Progressive and a Socail Justice advocate! Please note who Ms Addo is so very proud to associate with at her Bold Progressive National Candidate Training; none other than Pocahontas, aka, “**THE** Elizabeth Warren:)”.

Ms Addo, voters want to know who they are dealing with and that the candidate can be trusted. Most assuredly, you have purposefully  distorted and mislead us about who and what you are.

Very telling…


“Liberalism is what smart looks like to dumb people”




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