School Board Forum Reflections, Video, and Comments to the Man in the Green Shirt

I relish opportunities to discuss education issues, especially directly with my opponents. For me, this is the heart and soul of campaigning. Despite the fact that the forum was hosted by a business whose owners publicly support my opponent, and in spite of the fact that the hosting club is antithetical to many of my core values, I welcome the opportunity share my knowledge about education issues.  (Antithetical to many of your core values? Then you, just like a Progressive, are anti-constitutional, against individual liberty, against limited government and free market economics.)

We pulled into the parking lot littered with a plethora of campaign signs and a near billboard-sized poster affixed to the back of a pickup truck, and I immediately felt like I was vying for student council president rather than for a seat on our District-wide school board. The overwhelming emotion was somewhere between nauseating and comical. When I walked into the sweltering room that peaked at 91 degrees, and was packed with enough faded “Tina” shirts to create a football team, the emotion turned to just plain nausea. This, I can tell, would be akin to a student-council popularity contest and the truth is, I was never very popular in school. I was always smart, but not particularly popular.

In spite of all the shenanigans, I was anxious for the opportunity to participate in a direct democratic exchange with my opponents. I stood confident that objective audiences would view me as their obvious choice(if they didn’tknow my true Progressive leanings).The unbiased voter can quickly see that my knowledge, skills and experience far outmatched my opponents on relevant issues. (Until you were uncovered. To best illustrate this, I will share a few clips of the evening.

Saving the Best for Last:

Perhaps the best question of the night was this one, a “soft ball” set up by Tina’s supporters in an attempt to trap me, I suppose. (With Progressives, asking for the truth is being trapped.

What they seem not to know about me is that I am and always will be, authentic.(Except when you are hiding being an Elizabeth Warren Bold Progressive)If you can stomach a few minutes of this here you go:



To the man in the green shirt, and to Tina who calls Progressives “dangerous,” I say this to you:

  • I believe in science. That means that I believe that we have a shared responsibility to protect our air, water, and land(but not unborn children). I don’t believe that we vote on science. (Science is the Scientific Method; which is antithetical to Progressivism). That is a Progressive value. 
  • I believe that every child is entitled to a free, appropriate public education (but not unborn children) and that we have an obligation to provide that education regardless of race, class, gender, or zip code. (Common Core is the Progressive education plan. See Jon Dewey)  That is a Progressive value. 
  • I believe that women are entitled to equal pay for equal work. (Women already receive equal pay..unless you work for HilLIARy Clinton.) That is a Progressive value.
  • I believe in liberty and justice for all. Everyone. All people. (except Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, emails and Social Justice). That is a Progressive value.
  • I believe that democracy means one person gets one vote. That means that special interest groups, lobbyists, and PACs should not have more influence in our elections than anyone else.  (Like Progressive HilLIARy Clinton earning $21.7 millilon dollars in 2 years, for speeches to Wall Street firms). That is a Progressive value. 
  • I’m not sure which one of those values you take exception with, but I make no apologies for where I stand or who I am.(Right after your dishonesty was uncovered). If you were expecting me to pander to your political ideology, you clearly have not done your opposition research. (No pandering expected; just wanted you to show your true colors..which you did!)

Now, your question was about why my website changed,(No, the question is why your new website was void of any of the “authentic progressive” views and personalities you gushed on your former website?). if that was your question, you should have just asked and I would be happy to answer.(This was about uncovering you as an Elizabeth Warren, White Privilege, bleeding heart liberal, progressive; which you were hiding).
My entire website changed since I declared in this race back in March 2015.(Your former website, http://www.darceyforschoolboard.com was up and running long after you declared). I used to host my site on Wix. I now use GoDaddy, which hosts my blog on WordPress. Migrating all of my blogs over to WordPress has been very labor intensive. Many of my blogs that were on the Wix site are not on the WordPress/GoDaddy site; that is simply because of the time and effort involved in the migration.

(Good one! I have a WordPress blog and it is simply copy and paste. Your Fakebook account could of provided a plethora of “Authentic” Progressive Praise. Or why not retype that which you are passionate and “authentic” about? Why not include praising Progressives like Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson,HilLIARy Clinton,etc or your views about White Privilege”! BTW, I a tech buddy of mine can help migrate ALL of your former website postings to your present one. Then you can go back to being really Authentic!)

“Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the Theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour, once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?” John Dewey

John Dewey, father of Progressive education.