Mr. Charbonneau, who exactly is the liar?

The recent last minute ravaging of Tina is built upon a model long used by the Democrats during the last few weeks of a campaign. A “Strawman” to damage/ruin a candidate’s reputation is invented.  This time, the Strawman used by Darcey and her comrades none other than her son, Sammy Addo, and his “privacy”. By the way, I pulled his name from a public school board video in which she and her husband had him speak. Ms Addo claims that Sammy’s privacy was violated.

I would ask, violated by whom?

Was it violated when Darcey chose to insert her child into a political issue during his classroom time at school, in clear violation of Brevard County school policy and which she received a verbal warning to desist?

Was it violated when Darcey chose to ignore the warning and again insert her child into a political issue during classroom time at school and received a written warning to desist?

Darcey chose to insert her child into politics and the public.



Darcey is an extremely weak candidate who is desperately trying to turn attention from the issues of the school board race, while fighting windmills in the Don Quiote fashion.


On Sept. 30, 2016, Darcey posted this on her FB page..

“Until we taxpayers vote to add more school board candidates whose only “special interest” is our children, we will continue to see political games played with our children as pawns..”

Darcey’s new slogan should read;  KID’S BEFORE POLITICS…EXCEPT FOR MY SON”



Nothing requires anyone having to go through Michelle or Picarro, or for that matter, anyone at the District office for public records. If the public records are available elsewhere, anyone is allowed to get them. For instance, like arrest records, or lying on a teacher application records or say, bankruptcy records.

The job of my school board rep is to keep me informed and represent me. That entails, when possible, me asking for any and all information I need without having to go through the bureaucratic hell of a records request. That is common sense and perfectly legal! I have done multiple records request and the “pond water” movement of that system would make D.C. proud. I know that Tina is not the liar here!

Deceit is the highest form of lying. So, the “pot”, aka, Charbonot said.. “To be clear I don’t support Darcy Addo as a candidate..”.

“The pot calling the kettle black” is an idiom used to claim that a person is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another.”th

So, exactly who is the liar?

On Darcey’s FB page, Charbonot has gushed that ..”We need to Teem up..” . Well, “teem” members support each other and have a singleness of purpose. Or how about.. “I’d have no problem with Darcy sitting next to me as a fellow board member”. So Charbonot is ok with a Socialist being on our school board? That definitely isn’t smart, unless you’re in France, or Venezuela, etc, but hey; it’s for the “teem.”

Here is another example of Charbonot “To be clear I don’t support Darcy Addo as a candidate..” hypocrisy…

Rich Charbonneau “..Sue the both of them, Sue Descovitch also. I’ll support your litigation, and I have a lawyer that I will kick in to file your complaints..” So he doesn’t support Darcey, but will give “in-kind donations! 

The definition of in-kind donations; “paid or given in goods, commodities, or services instead of money.

He then fauns on about how “smart” Darcy is when compared to the other candidates; of course, excluding himself. Yep, Charbonot is supporting Darcy as a candidate.

So,again, who is the liar?


As far as Charbonot’s remarks about Tina, they are aways filled with insults and innuendos.



Smart, is not deceiving the voting public that you are a Progressive/Liberal by changing your website.

Smart, is not hiding your Progressive pedigree.

Smart, is not having hilLIARy as your role model.

Smart, is not continuing to idolize a woman 2 years after she lied to the face of the mother of a son murdered in Benghazi.

Smart, is not idolizing hiLIARy 2 years after she lied to all of America on multiple occasions about Benghazi.

Smart, is Darcey not using her son for political gain.

Smart, is Darcey not using her son for political gain with public speeches at the BSB mtg, and then claiming she is protecting him.


“The Elites have proven time and again, exactly what they are made of. Polished with dishonesty and deceitful chicanery, coupled with the amoral and unscrupulousness  desire, whether realized or unrealized, to topple America as founded, all for personal gain. In this quest; they say to hell with all other Americans, except those of the like-minded Elite Establishment.”

C Hamilton Boone