Right on schedule, FT hides information from the public..again! Right on schedule, FT went with the Liberal/Progressive candidate, Darcey Addo, who also hides information from the public. Birds of a feather ?

I am ok with a person being liberal or conservative, but do not lie to me by being deceitful, like Darcey Addo, while, hypocritically claiming to be “honest” and “authentic”.

So, exactly who is Darcey Addo and what does she represent?


Darcey is a candidate who trumpets being “.. transparent and authentic..”,while deceiving voters by totally sterilizing her ORIGINAL website of her extreme Liberal/Progressive foundation. A foundation that believes;
“..how we can begin to address the problems of urban schools until this much larger issue of institutionalized racism is first tackled.”


http://www.hamboone.com/2016/10/16/a-conservative-v…for-school-board/ ‎

“Hillary Clinton came to be a woman I admired and respected…(she) has helped shape my convictions, both political and personal. I admire and respect her dedication and pursuit of justice.” -Darcey Addo, April 2, 2014

Darcey Addo embraces the ideology and is an active coordinator for OPT OUT, Inc. She does this with full knowledge of the makeup of this radical group! This is the same OPT OUT group whose 2016 conference keynote speaker was Mr. Bill Ayers. The very same Bill Ayers, who is the cop killing leader of the terrorist group, Weather Underground. The same Bill Ayers who supports this totally corrupt and lawless administration. The same administration that Darcey Addo heaps praise upon it’s Liberal/Progressive leaders such as Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

Almost 2 years ago, Tina immediately resigned from Opt Out, Inc. when she left in the middle of her first National Opt Out conference, where she realized that Opt Out was an ultra Liberal/Progressive organization.

FT got it right with giving Addo a top 3 and Tina a 0. Why? Because the Progressive Addo and FT believe that the unconstitutional Common Core, and all it’s failures is to be “coped” with . Tina believes the unconstitutional Common Core, and all it’s failures, should be completely removed and local control over curriculum and testing should be returned to a parent led and controlled school board.

I am ok with a person being liberal or conservative, but do not try to deceive me of your true foundational values. That is LYING, plain and simple.

Wanting a “Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren Progressive” on the school board is not smart in any sense of the word. It is, as demonstrated, deceitful, treacherous and dangerous! If Darcey Addo can so easily mislead about her associations and beliefs, then what will she do if she becomes a school board member?

Tina, among other areas, wants to bring back transparent, meaningful and impactful parent involvement in the development and implementing of all policies and procedures that affect our children’s education. That involvement, such as with the recent Material Challenge Process “review”, is completely lacking of any impactful parent input or outcome. This is due to increasingly apathetic school board, in concert with an autocratic superintendent.

I want an honest and open school board candidate, like Conservative Tina Descovich. You may not agree with her, but you know where she stands.

Tina does not hide her Conservatism, but publicly embraces it. Tina is a Conservative, who will bring those same Conservative values to the school board.