This morning, my mother-in-law brought over the 12.18.16 Sunday edition of the Florida Today newspaper and was steaming. Why? She had read the headline: “SOME BIG GIVERS WIN TRUMP ROLES”, “despite pledge, president-elect relying on wealthy supporters”.  She automatically assumed it was the truth, which inferred that Trump had lied. What was the lie? That Trump had said he was using only his money to run his campaign. She had reacted (emotionally), just as the Liberals at Florida Today planned.

Allow me to do what Florida Today did not do; give you the full story.

Trump did use his own funds, but only until he won the Republican nomination. Then the RNC set up multiple groups to help fund many of the other races around the country, as well the Trump national campaign. The RNC was riding on Trumps popularity. Like many, my mother-in-law assumed that the Florida Today prints the full story, and would never knowingly mislead the public. Wrong!

The “new” management at Florida Today, Bob Gabordi and of course the loyal leftist, Matt Reed, are up to the usual misleading, Leftist, driven agenda called “reporting”.

Time and again, the article tells of  like-minded people and organizations with like minded beliefs and goals donating to groups associated with the RNC and Trump campaign. As I said, Trump did run his primary campaign with his money! More Florida Today deception!

I want successful, innovative, waste destroying, men and women running our government. Not the cronies that have been an intricate part of the Democrat and Republican parties, along with the DC élite over the years. Give me a billionaire that loves America over a Leftist who hates America as founded.. ANYTIME!!!