About HamBoone.com

Why did I ever start blogging? Sometimes I have to ask myself that question again. As a Physician Assistant, a small business owner, a husband and a father of a 14 year old son…it would seem that I have enough on my plate as it is.

The main reason is I was very frustrated with not being able to find local, regional or national news outlets that would provide me with complete details on a subject.

I have found liberals, for the most part, to be nice enough folks, but this is not about being nice! This is about caring for my family by making informed decisions through information gathering and then making a decision based on the whole story. That decision will bring me ultimately to the TRUTH. The truth as I have  formulated it; not as formulated by the liberal AP(Administration Propaganda), Hollywood, or the Broadcast media; trying their best to distract and to get me to react emotionally.

I have come to understand, through personal experience, that these liberals, and others like them,  make the decision about what “facts” we “citizens/low information voters” need to know, so that we “citizens/low information voters”  opinions can be manipulated emotionally, to fit the liberal’s political agenda. After all, it is all political to the Left.

How do I know this you might ask? Well, I am a Recovering Liberal! Yep, until I saw the light, I was one of those that thought the government was there to help and that they were suppose stay out of the way so I could live the American dream, and if I couldn’t hack it, they would “bail” me out.  I believed that the media was there to protect me by providing me the truth, cause why in the world would a news caster or newspaper not print the whole story, i.e., THE TRUTH.  Boy, was I wrong!

What is their agenda? It is a campaign of misinformation and manipulation of the “news” and thereby getting the election outcomes they deem best, so that their policies of domination and control can be achieved.  These elites, in their infinite wisdom, thereby manipulate the news, work to misinform us to the ends that best suit them . Just consider the difference of the front page coverage of the wars of Obama and the previous administration. Consider the GDP or unemployment of the two. Look at what I deem to be cover-ups of Benghazi, the Housing Collapse, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, runaway spending, FAST AND FURIOUS, the Black Panthers…on and on. It all adds up to covering a lie. A liberal will never tell you what they really want, fore most people would reject it outright.

Yes indeed, the information that comes from the AP(Administration Propaganda) service whether through the FLORIDA TODAY/USA TODAY/NY TIMES/LA TIMES/WASHINGTON POST stenographer pool, or from any of the other stalwarts of the freedom of the press like CNN , NBC, CBS, MSNBC and ABC is bent to fit what THEY want you to BELIEVE.

So, I am, in my own small way, trying to right a wrong and at the same time, put ALL the facts out there on different subjects so that you can have the best resource to make informed decisions for you , your family and loved ones. The added benefit to me is that I too get to learn and grown also. By the way; America, in my book; is one of my “loved ones!

God bless and keep you and yours,


.. “The very ones that are to protect the American people with the truth, are today fundamental threats to the republic and have become the enemy of the American people…”.